Zoe Olaru
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Website and photography for artists' studio. 2015
Identity for Arts and Mountaineering festival. 2015
Book, website and animation for poetry organisation. 2014
Identity for festival. 2014
Visual identity for stand at the London Book Fair 2014; event leaflet; photograph of stand design. 2014
Photography commission for Askonas Holt. 2014

Luxury. Collaboration with Hanna Bischof and Emma Kalkhoven on a brief given by Richemont. Loop video. 2013
Calendar and poster. 2013

Exhibition banners for 'Aurel Vlaicu', pioneer of flying machines (4 x 1m/2m); details. 2013
Booklet, headed paper, business card and pattern design for EUNIC London. 2013-2015
Event programme: Romania at the London Book Fair. 2013
Design for invitation: Romania at the London Book Fair. 2010
Various. 2014 (in progress), 2013, 2010
All Workers Go to Heaven, postcard and posters for the play. 2012
(directed by Ioana Paun)
Clay Cargo, web presentation for Clayground Collective. 2013
Booklet layout and pattern. 2013

Invitation design for lecture series. 2010
Illustration work (XStreet audio book, in collaboration with Realtympanica, Marcin Dudek, Kevin Molin and Michael Picknett. 2010)

Poster designs: event at Central Saint Martins College and Romanian days in Reykjavik. 2013