Zoe Olaru
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sketch of hands. 2014 squiggle. hand woven tapestry in 3 colours. 2014 loop. image from exhibition; animation. 2013

cd cover for animation - loop. 2013 dissertation on confusion. seen here as a map. 2013
luxury: collaboration with Hanna Bischof and Emma Kalkhoven (for Richemont). 2013

shirts in the window, 2012 orientation, exhibition catalogue, printed and sewn. 2013 foldable 3d glasses for confusion purposes (1). 2012 family portrait, drypoint. 2007 barbie kiss. 2007
hanger with 9 heads. 2012
ink on blueback paper. 2008 interventions on the pages of a dictionary; research for animation. 2011 inverted roscharch. 2010 3d glasses for confusion purposes (2). 2012
susanna and the elders. 2007 flora, mezzotint. 2008 book with sound input and pixelation. 2011 permanent markers. 2007 okay glove; forces the hand. 2012 postcard/colouring book. 2011 pens. 2012 unseen footage: true love. stop frame animation. 2011 object+stop motion animation. 2011 extract from the dictionary flip book. 2011
ink and crayons. 2009 highlighter pens on wallpaper. 2006 portrait. 2006 interactive audiobook based on the performance x street by realtympanica; collaboration with realtympanica, marcin dudek, michael picknett and kevin molin. 2011 photoshop. 2011 extract from comic strip; proposed by/collaboration with kevin molin. 2012 posters of patterns from the optical illusion series. 2013 busstop stopmotion: 30 posters in 30 days make 30 frames of animation. 2010 the resulting animation from the bus stop. 2010 stereogram no.2. 2012 headphones. 2012 view of the exhibtion space - disorientation. 2013 runner, etching. 2012 embroided airplane. 2010 poster, top layer from the series. as seen in exhibition space. 2013